About Us

We, the People:

The days of lyrics not getting the love and community they deserve are no more. "From Hank to Hendrix," "Jesus" to 'Yeezus,' SONGLYRICS is a site for those that can't think of a melody without a word. We are the liner notes to your internet LP, with extra space in the margins to answer the eternal double-rainbow question: "What does it all mean?" Part publication part infiltration, we are the proudest social home of critical lyrical thought. And without you, we are nothing.


With plenty of sites on the internet to run one’s comment mouth for way too long, we created a way to review a song more friendly to emotion and real life, as in real life there are always editors. At a little more than double the space of a tweet, a RIFF is a 300-character, make-every-word-count shot at explaining the beautiful ethos of what a song means to you. It could be journalism It could be poetry. It could be awful. Or it could be brilliant. The lyric is your oyster.


Simply sign up, build a profile, start RIFF'ing, earn points for saying smart things, submit lyrics or corrections if you’d like, or even run your comment mouth for way too long, we kept some space for you to do so. Here's how the point system works: 

  • An opening RIFF on a non-highlighted lyric = 10 points! 
  • Respond to an already existing RIFF with your own RIFF = 5 points!
  • Each up-vote you receive on a RIFF = 1 point!


We want everyone to have the freedom to RIFF whatever lyric they please, but every society needs a bit of order: 

  • Don't spam! Nobody will up-vote you and we'll delete you. 
  • Try not to RIFF fragmented words like half of "subterranean" or just the 's' in "snake" to discuss the letter 's'.  
  • Try to use every single character of your 300 for each RIFF and lyric you choose to really get poetic with an explanation of a song in its entirety, or a specific portion of the song. 
  • Thumbs-up! ->  "Talkin’ Dylan plugging in, tellin’ folk it’s been real, winks at America turn into the ugliest prodigal son since art discovered politics, chisels 20 pages of anti-blues, wild-eyed “vomit” down to the punkest literate fuck you since Shakespeare. How does it feel? Like rock should ‘fore it knew how." (299 characters)
  • Thumbs-down! -> "This song is cool." (18 characters)