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Top 20 Musical Lyrics

1 Sisters Lyrics Berlin Irving


Berlin Irving
2 I'm Still Here Lyrics Stephen Sondheim

I'm Still Here

Stephen Sondheim
3 In The Room Where You Sleep Lyrics Dead Man's Bones

In The Room Where You Sleep

Dead Man's Bones
4 Day By Day Lyrics Godspell

Day By Day

5 Stepsisters' Lament Lyrics Rodgers And Hammerstein

Stepsisters' Lament

Rodgers And Hammerstein
6 My Body's A Zombie For You Lyrics Dead Man's Bones

My Body's A Zombie For You

Dead Man's Bones
7 Not A Day Goes By Lyrics Stephen Sondheim

Not A Day Goes By

Stephen Sondheim
8 Lose Your Soul Lyrics Dead Man's Bones

Lose Your Soul

Dead Man's Bones
9 Ten Minutes Ago Lyrics Rodgers And Hammerstein

Ten Minutes Ago

Rodgers And Hammerstein
10 Do You Hear The People Sing Lyrics Les Miserables

Do You Hear The People Sing

Les Miserables
11 Snow Lyrics Berlin Irving


Berlin Irving
12 Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful? Lyrics Rodgers And Hammerstein

Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?

Rodgers And Hammerstein
13 Being Alive Lyrics Stephen Sondheim

Being Alive

Stephen Sondheim
14 Pa Pa Power Lyrics Dead Man's Bones

Pa Pa Power

Dead Man's Bones
15 For Everything A Reason Lyrics Carina Round

For Everything A Reason

Carina Round
16 Impossible Lyrics Rodgers And Hammerstein


Rodgers And Hammerstein
17 Ladies Who Lunch Lyrics Stephen Sondheim

Ladies Who Lunch

Stephen Sondheim
18 Master Of The House Lyrics Les Miserables

Master Of The House

Les Miserables
19 A Lovely Night Lyrics Rodgers And Hammerstein

A Lovely Night

Rodgers And Hammerstein
20 My Own Little Corner Lyrics Rodgers And Hammerstein

My Own Little Corner

Rodgers And Hammerstein

Top 10 Musical Albums

1 The Story So Far Lyrics Stephen Sondheim

The Story So Far Album

Stephen Sondheim
2 Dead Man's Bones Lyrics Dead Man's Bones

Dead Man's Bones Album

Dead Man's Bones
3 Cinderella Lyrics Rodgers And Hammerstein

Cinderella Album

Rodgers And Hammerstein
4 White Christmas (1954 Movie Soundtrack) Lyrics Berlin Irving

White Christmas (1954 Movie Soundtrack) Album

Berlin Irving
5 Miscellaneous Lyrics Barbra Streisand

Miscellaneous Album

Barbra Streisand
6 Les Miserables (Act 1a) Lyrics Les Miserables

Les Miserables (Act 1a) Album

Les Miserables
7 Les Miserables (Act 2) Lyrics Les Miserables

Les Miserables (Act 2) Album

Les Miserables
8 Les Miserables (Act 1) Lyrics Les Miserables

Les Miserables (Act 1) Album

Les Miserables
9 Miscellaneous Lyrics Edith Piaf

Miscellaneous Album

Edith Piaf
10 Miscellaneous Lyrics Lena Horne

Miscellaneous Album

Lena Horne

In the Know


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